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Major benefits of City Scales Weighbridges

  • Reduced revenue leakage by addressing the problem of revenue lost through inaccurate weighing and thus pricing
  • Increased efficiency at the weighbridge as the weighing system can be operated by the driver
  • Ability to document compliance with regulations regarding overload
  • Ability to optimize and achieve a paperless work processes
  • Improved overview and efficiency of operations as the weighbridge can be integrated to Waste Management and ERP system for weighing notes, inventory management, reports, statistics, invoicing, etc.
  • Increased logistical efficiency at the weighbridge as vehicles are automatically weighed with high accuracy
  • Independent axle load measurements to ensure that axle load limits are not exceeded
  • Features of City Scales Weighbridges

  • Approval and Verification :->City Scales Weighbridge is type approved according to international directive OIML R134 .
  • High Reliability :-Weighbrigdes are manufactured with latest innovative technology, So that high reliability can be provided even in harsh environment.
  • High Accuracy :- Our latest weighbridge technology ensures highest possible accuracy for each weighing .
  • Simple installation :- Weighbridges are quickly and easily installed ,
  • Flexibility :-Weighbridges are to be customized according to the need of customers with out losing its accuracy and quality.The weighbridge can be provided with a total length of 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 meters
  • Foundation Structure (Choice between Pit Type & Pit less Type)

    The scale can be installed in the ground (PIT TYPE) or on the ground (PIT LESS TYPE) according to the environmental conditions.

    Recommended PIT LESS TYPE : Trucks are weighed after climbing from one slope to the platform and then come down from the other slope. The installed platform is about 42cm above the floor and it takes more space. But it is well ventilated and in addition the scale can be kept in good condition and easily maintained

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